Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance and Health Funds

Countless Australians avoid visiting the dentist because they’re worried it will be too costly or become a financial burden.

Our team at Dentists@Labrador are here to tell you otherwise!

At Dentists@Labrador, our team want our dental treatments to be accessible to all of our patients. That’s why we offer several payment plans and options for our eligible patients so they can receive the necessary or desired treatment on an instalment plan that suits them.

Our dentists have put together this article to explain how you can actually save with dental insurance and our accepted health funds, walk you through how to choose the right plan suitable for you and what treatments these health funds will cover in our practice.

Do I need private dental insurance?

Deciding whether to get (or keep) paying for dental insurance has become increasingly difficult for many patients over the years as the options and companies have expanded drastically.

With premiums also going up substantially each year and rebates often failing to do the same, more and more Australians are asking themselves the same question, “Is a private dental cover worth it?”

While no one, especially us, can tell you whether you do or don’t need private dental coverage or to be a member of a health fund, we do want to guide you in the right direction when it comes to what is covered and getting the best ‘bang for your buck!’

Our Accepted Health Funds

Our team at Dentists@Labrador are a preferred provider for several Australian health funds. See if your health fund is listed below or explore the various health funds and dental plans available for each institution.


It’s easy for us to forget to visit the dentist, especially when we believe our oral hygiene routine already involves brushing and flossing thoroughly and regularly. But did you know that nib members can receive up to 100% back on their next dental visit?

nib Dental Care covers services including general check-ups and cleans, cosmetic and implant dentistry, dentures, mouthguards and orthodontic treatments.

Learn more about Nib by visiting the Nib Dental Care page today.


Access affordable dental care through HCF extras which include up to 2 check-ups, a scale and professional clean, as well as fluoride treatment per year with no gap to pay.

HCF Dental covers numerous treatments. These include general check-ups and cleans, fluoride treatment, crowns and bridges, root canal treatment (endodontics), dental extractions, dental fillings, dental implants, mouthguards, teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign and much more.

Learn more about HCF by visiting the HCF Dental Cover page today. offers dental cover for as little as $79 per year with no waiting period, no benefit limits and no treatment exclusions.

Learn more about by visiting their website today.


DentiCare offers interest-free payment plans on all general dental, cosmetic dental services and orthodontic treatments. From teeth whitening and veneers to dental implants or braces, start allowing yourself the time to pay off your dental treatments.

Learn more about DentiCare by visiting their Dental Payment Plans page today.


CBHS helps patients steer clear of unexpected out-of-pocket fees and burdening bills. Dental services covered by CBHS include dental examinations, fillings, x-rays, consultations and the removal of calculus, as well as some dental surgical procedures.

Learn more about CBHS by visiting the Dental Health page today.

National Dental Plan (Humm)

National Dental Plan (NDP), powered by humm, is Australia’s only no-interest-ever dental payment plan.

Learn more about the National Dental Plan by visiting their Patients page today.

Buy Now, Pay Later – For Dental

At Dentists@Labrador, we understand the convenience of the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services available. That’s why we offer AfterPay and ZipPay conveniently at our front desk.

If you need to put any of your dental costs incurred on your AfterPay or ZipPay accounts, don’t hesitate! Simply let our team know what method of payment you’ll be using and our team will accommodate accordingly.

Use It, Or Lose It

Ultimately, if you do have private health insurance, going to the dentist will cost you less.

In either case, the best thing to do is always keep on top of your oral health and put your oral health and overall well-being first. This will ensure that your teeth stay healthy and you won’t need any complex (and, possibly costly) work done in the future.

Be sure to book your next dental visit at Dentists@Labrador, conveniently located on McMillan Street in Labrador, and we encourage you to ask our team about any costs or additional fees that will be incurred.

We understand and empathise that it’s always better to be prepared and know what you need or needn’t budget for if you aren’t with private health coverage.

Our team always keep our patients in mind and we will always do our best to help you, look after your teeth and avoid any major issues or associated costs from occurring.

Book A Dental Appointment in Labrador

If you’d like to enquire about one of our payment plans or are ready to book your appointment, chat with our team online or call us today on (07) 5563 1201.

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