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Masseter Injections for TMJ in Labrador, Gold Coast

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders can lead to pain, discomfort, and limitations in jaw function. At Dentists@Labrador, we offer Masseter Injections as an innovative solution to relieve these symptoms.

Administered by our expert, Dr Rahul Deshpande, these injections target the masseter muscles, providing a non-surgical and efficient approach to managing TMJ-related issues.

What Are Masseter Injections?

Masseter Injections for TMJ involve injecting specific medications into the masseter muscles, which are located at the jaw's angle. This helps in relaxing these muscles, alleviating pain, and improving jaw function.

The treatment is precisely tailored to each patient's needs, ensuring optimal results.

Who Can Benefit from Masseter Injections?

Individuals experiencing discomfort, pain, or difficulty in jaw movement due to TMJ disorders can benefit significantly from Masseter Injections. The treatment can also be suitable for those who suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism), contributing to TMJ discomfort.

Masseter injections also offer immediate relief from pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders. The treatment is minimally invasive, requires little to no downtime, and the results can last for several months. It's a highly targeted approach that can significantly improve quality of life for those dealing with persistent jaw-related issues.

A detailed assessment with our team ensures that the injections are appropriate and beneficial for your specific condition.

How Long Do the Results of Masseter Injections Last?

The results of Masseter Injections typically last between 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual's condition and the specific treatment plan. Regular follow-up treatments can help maintain the benefits, providing ongoing relief and improved jaw function.

Are There Any Side Effects with Masseter Injections?

Masseter Injections are generally well-tolerated and have minimal side effects. Some patients might experience mild swelling or discomfort at the injection site, which usually resolves within a day or two.

Our team at Dentists@Labrador provides detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.

Masseter Injections in Labrador, Gold Coast

Dentists@Labrador is committed to offering cutting-edge treatments that prioritise patient comfort and well-being. Our Masseter Injections for TMJ are performed by Dr Rahul Deshpande, whose expertise and medical background guarantee a professional and compassionate approach.

If TMJ disorders are impacting your daily life, Masseter Injections might be the solution you've been looking for. We encourage you to reach out to our team at Dentists@Labrador to learn more about this innovative treatment.

To enquire or book an appointment, please contact us today or call us on (07) 5563 1201.

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