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Emergency Dentist in Labrador

Are you facing a dental emergency requiring immediate attention? Don’t let the pain keep you awake at night.

At Dentists@Labrador, we can provide professional dental aid when you need it.

When dental emergencies arise, contact our professional team at 07 5563 1201 to make your appointment.

Any kind of dental emergency can be stressful and often alarming, but they are especially distressing because patients often don’t know what to do when they happen.

The first and foremost thing to do when you are having a dental emergency is to not panic.

For some emergencies, delays in treatment can cause serious problems that may be irreversible and expensive.

A visit to an emergency dentist is essential for addressing dental problems.


Toothaches can give you different degrees of pain. Leaving your aches and pains to wait another day can sometimes lead to a bigger dental emergency later. If you’re not sure what to do, we encourage you to call our team to discuss the situation.

Taking paracetamol (Panadol) or ibuprofen (Nurofen) can reduce pain and inflammation. Hold an ice pack against your face at the spot of the sore tooth.

Be sure not to put a heating pad or any other source of heat on your jaw.

Heat will make things worse instead of better.

Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

Time is of the essence with this kind of dental emergency. The sooner you can see our dentist at Labrador, the better and higher chances there are of restoring your damaged tooth.

On your way to visit the dentist, be sure to store the tooth fragment properly so that it doesn’t dry out. The best thing you can do is place it inside a sealed container of milk or contact solution.

If you don’t have these items, saliva or tap water with a little pinch of salt will also work.
Completely knocked-out teeth can be set back into the socket and held in place. Get to our practice as soon as possible!

Lost Filling or Crown

Losing a filling or crown can be unexpected, startling, and certainly alarming. They may fall out for several reasons such as chewing hard foods or tooth decay in which the foundation of the tooth rots away, causing it to lose support and fall out.

After losing a crown or filing, the first thing you should do is put it in a safe place.

Regardless of the condition, you need to care for the tooth quickly and visit the dentist immediately before the situation is even more difficult to handle.

I Have A Dental Emergency! Who Do I Contact?

Keep us at the top of your mind if you have any dental emergencies, contact our trained and friendly dental professionals on 07 5563 1201.

We are open six days a week, our priority is to ensure perfectly healthy teeth and comfortable dental care.

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