What causes a gap between front teeth and how to seek a medical expert?

Gap teeth, otherwise known as diastema is when the top front teeth have a noticeable gap it is quite often present in children as their adult teeth come through. There are several treatments available for gap teeth. However, it is rarely for medical reasons that a gap tooth is filled as they pose very little risk to the patient’s health. However, for cosmetic reasons, a diastema may be filled. It is best to discuss with your regular dentist or find a recommended dentist about what would be best before deciding on a course of treatment. Read on to find out what causes gap teeth and the treatments available for you. 

What causes Gap teeth or diastema?

There are several causes of gap teeth in children. The patient’s jawbone may be large and the teeth too small. The size of both the jaw and the tooth is largely determined by genetics. There are many cases of genetic diastema. 

Another cause of a gap forming in front teeth is an overgrowth of tissue that borders your gum line and the top two teeth. The tissue can cause the teeth to separate causing a gap. 

Bad habits such as children who repeatedly suck their thumbs may have a gap in their front teeth due to the forward pressure on the front teeth. 

If diastema occurs in older children and adults it can be because of an incorrect swallowing reflex. This occurs due to the tongue pushing against the back of the front teeth rather than on the roof of the mouth. This is referred to as ‘tongue thrusting’. 

Lastly, gap teeth can occur from gum disease. The inflammation from the infection damages the gums and the tissue. As the gums support the teeth a lack of support can cause a gap in between the two front teeth. 

The treatments for the treatment of gap teeth are:

Veneers or Bonding – a treatment where a resin is applied to the tooth and then hardening the resin with a light source. A veneer involves securing thin pieces of porcelain, custom made to the shape of your teeth. 

Dental implants or a bridge– this is more common if the gap-tooth is caused by a missing tooth. A bridge is inserted by inserting screws into the jawbone and then attaching replacement teeth. 

Other treatments are:

Surgery, Gum treatment and Braces. If you require surgery or braces for your teeth, it would be best to get a referral from your dentist as they can provide the best options for you. 

What is the cost of Gap teeth repair?

There isn’t a set cost for the treatment of diastema. This is due to the many and varied treatments available to fix the teeth. You may simply need a veneer or bond. Perhaps you may need a dental implant or gum treatment. It’s best to book an appointment with a trusted dentist and decide on the best course of treatment. 

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